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The Rotary Club of Waterlooville is a dual gender club which holds a twice monthly meeting on the first and third Tuesday at 7:30 pm at Denvilles House, 33 Emsworth Rd, Havant.

The meetings are very sociable affairs where members meet to enjoy each other’s company, share a meal together and, in a light-hearted but efficient manner, carry out the business of the day.

The weekly meetings promote acquaintance and friendship and, through this fellowship, Rotarians find the inspiration to help with community projects.

Every Rotarian has the right to attend the meetings of any other Rotary Club anywhere in the world where he or she will be received with warmth and friendship. Many members exercise this right, and without fail, benefit from the experience.

Rotarians are encouraged to invite non-Rotarian guests to club meetings and social events so why not seek one out!.

All Rotary clubs are non-sectarian and non-political; our membership represents a cross-section of people from local businesses, professions and trades.

Business at meetings is varied and often includes a talk or demonstration on a subject of general interest. The presentations are extremely useful in widening member’s knowledge of what is happening around them as well as being an enjoyable way of passing part of the evening. Many of the talks are directly related to the charities being supported by Rotarians thus allowing members to be kept abreast with progress.

If you want medals or great honours we may not be the organisation you are looking for; if you have a desire to help those less fortunate than yourself and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals then we could both benefit from getting together.

We have had the pleasure of four Presidents holding office within the club during the 2016-2017 year, all of whom had held the office before.
The 2017-2018 year continued this pattern of four Presidents sharing the role which has proved to be very successful as an administrative operation.
In 2018 we were able to revert to one President and Richard Britton took the role for the year. As we approach the 2019-2020 we will be welcoming Sandy Sanger back into the Presidency for a full year term.

If you are interested in finding out more about Rotary or require further details about memberships use the ‘Contact Us’ button above or telephone Mike Williams (023) 9225 6970

Their is also another organisation especially for ladies. This is INNER WHEEL.

Inner Wheel

Objectives of Inner Wheel

• To promote true friendship

• To encourage the ideals of personal service

• To foster International understanding

The aim of Inner Wheel is very simply to make a difference to people’s lives, often in a small way, both at home and overseas through club charity events and activities.

Waterlooville, formed in 1978, meets twice a month; contact may be made via the Rotary Club of Waterlooville or by the Association directory. We are a small cog in a very big wheel, one of the largest women’s organisations in the world, International Inner Wheel.

The first Inner Wheel club chartered on 10th January 1924 in Manchester with President Mrs Golding who is now recognised as the founder of the Inner Wheel movement. Current membership worldwide is 100,000 covering 101 countries or geographical regions. In the 29 Districts in Great Britain and Ireland membership exceeds 23,000

On the 25th June 2019 President Penny Pemberton will hand over her role to her successor Brenda Cairns..

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