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Waterlooville Rotary gets VIP tour of Gatwick Airport

Whenever possible we like to take the opportunity to see how businesses work and recently had the opportunity to visit Gatwick Airport and see ‘behind the scenes’ of this amazing hub of British travel and business.
A big thank you to the Gatwick management and staff for making us so welcome for what was an excellent visit.
747 Takeoff with water cannon!


At the end of each Rotary year we dine our outgoing President where we can thank him or her  for all the hard work they do on our behalf.  A really enjoyable occasion with much mirth and merriment in keeping with the ethos of our club.

Christmas Dinner

Each year we hold a Christmas Dinner with partners and enjoy a choir or a show. 2015 is no exception and we look forward to the delight of Christmas at The Portsmouth Golf Club once more.


Sports events

We take on all-comers from various Rotary Clubs in all manner of sports……..

And have been known to progress beyond the first round, and even into the District finals! We’re not that good but I could name the odd person who thinks they are……….!!

We also have our own summer events such as golf , slot-car racing, go-karting, archery and bowls.


Each year our Fellowship committees arrange a golf evening at the Golf Course in Denmead followed by a buffet supper at the Mead End. Prizes are given and a great deal of leg pulling takes place!

Summer BBQ

Whatever the weather, the Summer BBQ is an event not to be missed!

With the highest quality sausages and the best cuts of meat (what else would you expect for six pounds a head!)! Our chefs are living proof that good chefs can be found in the remotest of places, but we couldn’t spend too much time looking, so we made do! Only kidding! Celebrity chefs eat your heart out!

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