All participants will play off FULL handicaps throughout the day. If you join us we hope that you will enjoy the golf course and adhere to the following rules.


Teams of four players will tee off either from the 1st or 10th hole as directed on the times given in the start sheet which will be available on the day.

The handicap allowance for each team will be 10% of the combined handicaps, e.g. 10+13+18+23 giving a total of 64 therefore the team’s playing handicap will be 6.4 which will be deducted from the team’s gross score for the nine holes.


All players are to drive off and then decide which ball to play. The team must elect to play at least two drives from each player over the nine holes, i.e. you cannot take the player’s drive every time. The ball is marked and the player whose ball is selected should play first. all other team members play a second shot from within 6 inches of the marker (not nearest the hole). The best ball is again selected with the same format until the hole is completed. The gross team score should be recorded and the players move onto the next hole.

Delays should be avoided, i.e. if the first to putt on the green holes out, there is no need for the other team players to putt as the score cannot be improved upon. Also if a lost ball is not not the selected ball to play – please do not spend too much time searching. On completion of the nine holes, the card should be checked, the gross score added and then the playing handicap deducted. Two players should sign the card and submit it to the scorers in the Clubhouse.


All players will play in Fourballs starting at one of the following four tees – 1st, 5th, 10th and 14th. Start times for each will be controlled by the starters nominated by the organisers. If you are playing we request that you are punctual to avoid any delay.

On completion of each hole, cards should be marked with the gross score taking into account strokes received, the number of Stableford points scored, e.g. 3 for a birdy, 2 for net par etc.


Any general query during the round should be referred to the lowest handicap player in the team to settle.

The Royal and Ancient Rules of Golf will apply  together with the Local Rules as printed on the scorecard. The normal rules of etiquette should be observed Рquiet when fellow competitors are playing, no more that 5 minutes searching for a lost ball, call the group through should you lose a hole on the group in front.

On completion of your round, check your card, total the number of points scored, team leader and markers to sign the card and then submit it without delay to the scorers in the Clubhouse.

In the event of a tie, normal countback rules will apply.

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