Children on the Edge

Rotary Clubs around the world invite speakers to club evenings to enable members to understands the needs and plans of various organisations as well as hearing from people who have done amazing things in their lives.  It makes for great fellowship and is a major part of the activities of any club. Sometimes we get to hear of small charities working worldwide that seem to make a real difference with only the smallest amount of support.

One such charity is ‘Children on the Edge’, which supports children who find themselves in very difficult situations right on the edge of society and safety.  The charity is based in West Sussex in the United Kingdom and to quote from its annual review booklet for 2010-2011; ” Childhood should be a time of freedom and innocence, a time to play, learn and explore the world. Yet for so many children, this precious time is swallowed up by the kind of tragic and traumatic experiences you expect from a hardened war veteran, not a defenceless child.”

With 15 projects in 10 different countries the charity aims to provide children faced with often grinding poverty and a bleak existence a safe environment to learn, play and enjoy at least one proper meal a day.  In places like Burma this can be for as little as 7 pence per day , giving each child rice, egg and curried vegetables daily and milk once a week, plus a schedule that ensures each child can access cricial early learning years education.

What is encouraging about this charity is that it enters a project with a very clear exit strategy which means that they know when they will be leaving (usually after about 2 to 3 years)  certain in the knowledge that the local volunteers and field workers they have in place can carry on with what has been put in place.

When you hear from speakers dedicated to support the work of organisations such as ‘Children on the Edge’, it is clear why they are so determined to make a difference where they can.

To learn more about the work of the ‘Children on the Edge charity please visit their website


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