Christmas Party 2011

Well, we had a super Christmas Party on Tuesday!  Along with family and friends we enjoyed a lovely Christmas Dinner at the Mead End Inn, complete with balloons, party poppers, streamers and much, much more. 

One guy at the party was celebrating a special birthday and treated us all to wine to celebrate – how lovely!

The Denmead Brass Band came in and played Christmas Carols for us after dinner and we all sang along, well, we called it singing anyway!!   The band was really good, much better than we were at singing!!  It really makes you feel that Christmas has arrived when you can sing carols!!

We were then treated to a ‘Muppet style show’.  The puppetry was magic and the characters sang along to some opera.  They were very mischievous and kept everyone in stitches because of their antics!!

The next piece of entertainment was really the high spot of the evening.  A wonderful rendition of YMCA by a group of Rotarians who looked suspiciously like the Village People!  I for one haven’t laughed so much for ages! 

They were fantastic and received a standing ovation!!  I don’t think they’ll ever be viewed in the same way again!!

It certainly was a fantastic party, one of those nights when you leave feeling much better than you did when you arrived!! A truly riotous evening – who said Rotarians can’t let their hair down!

If you get a few minutes to spare on Thursday, Friday or Saturday this week, please come along to Asda Waterlooville and see us, we will be there with the Christmas sleigh between 10 am and 6 pm each day. We’d love to see you!

May we all wish each and every one of you a very merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year!


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