Evie’s Story

Here’s the dilemma, your little baby girl cannot hear! You then discover that her world of silence is because she has no auditory nerves which means no sound can travel from her ears to her brain.

This is the problem that was faced by David and Emily Small when little Evie was diagnosed.  So as a parent, what do they do?  They search for some way to help make Evie hear.

Even a cochlear implant or hearing aid needs an auditory nerve in order to work, so Evie’s only option was to have a pioneering auditory brainstem implant.  This was carried out in Italy by the world’s leading surgeon in this field and has been a great success as Evie now responds to sounds and is starting to say her first words, usually ‘more’, although for her mother Emily, it is the joy of hearing her say ‘Mumma’!

There is a long way to go yet, but David and Emily have been truly humbled by the generosity of people (often strangers who they will never meet) who have donated to help Evie to hear.  All money raised has gone on her operation and speech therapy and the ‘tuning’ of the implant which requires visits to Italy every 2-3 months.

This is an amazing story of hope over adversity which has brought a little girl from a world of absolute silence to one of sound.  Whatever your thoughts on this, place yourself in David and Emily’s shoes and as parent say to yourself  “what would I have done?”

To read Evie’s story and maybe help her and other children with the same hearing problem, please visit www.hopeforhearing.co.uk

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