International projects

The following International Projects cannot be completed successfully by any one Rotary Club but by joining forces with others, both in the UK and internationally, Rotary has achieved a great deal to alleviate the suffering of those much worse off than ourselves. Here are a selection of these international projects to which we have contributed:

Thanks for life/End Polio Now Campaign

This is the biggest and most ambitious project undertaken by Rotary. Its aim is to eradicate polio in the world and we are almost there. Since 1983 the instances of Polio, a dreadful crippling childhood decease, Rotary has been responsible for eradicating 99.9% of Polio in the world. These videos will give you a better idea of what we are doing and why.

Watch the video 1
Watch the video 2

Shelter Box

A fellow Rotarian whilst watching an account of a disaster somewhere in the world came up with an idea for a shelter box which contains all that is needed for up to 10 people to survive after they have lost everything. Since then, 80,000 shelter boxes have been dispatched to disaster zones throughout the world. This video tells more about this amazing Rotary Project conceived and run from here in the UK.


Every Christmas we co-ordinate the collection, checking and delivery of shoe boxes destined for Albania, Montenegro, Tanzania and Rumania. They contain gifts from school children to their less fortunate counterparts in the  impoverished countries of the world. Each year we  regularly collect over 600 of these boxes to add to the other 27,000 plus collected by other Rotary clubs in the UK. This is a photo of the youngsters from one of our schools.

Jaipur Limbs

This organisation makes and fits prosthetic limbs to victims of decease, landmines, rail accidents and other causes in countries where sophisticated medical and prosthetic services do not exist or cannot be afforded. £25 will give one of these victims the ability to work and fend for their families that otherwise would have become impoverished beggars. This short film gives more detail:

Watch the video

Other Projects

We have also contributed to helping local people in impoverished countries set up their own businesses and hence become more self reliant. We have achieved this through:

Tools For Self Reliance – This is an organisation that takes in unwanted tools and sewing machines etc, refurbishes them, crates them and dispatches them to countries where they can make a real difference to those struggling to survive. More details can be found at

MicroCredit –  this is an organisation that makes small loans, as small as £25, to enable local people set up their own businesses. Once the loans are repaid then the money is re-used to help others set up on their own businesses.

But this is not all that we have done – We have not stopped there. We have also contributed towards Water Aid, the Wheel chair Foundation, Mercy Ships and Sight Savers to name but a few.

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