UK projects

Our club is or has contributed funds towards many projects with the UK. These include:

Action For Blind People, part of the RNIB

This was the President’s chosen charity for the Rotary year 2011 to 2012. We raised significant funds throughout his year for this charity to help them to support children, teenagers and young adults who are blind or partially sighted. There are 33,0000  in UK alone, which gives you some idea of the scale of the problem .

This charity  supports and helps them to gain their independence and become full and active members of our society. More can be found at their website

Rowans Hospice

In the mid 90’s our club, together with three others, raised over £25,ooo to help build a day room for the hospice. A good example of how clubs working together can deliver more than would be possible by acting alone.  Our club has continued to support the Rownas Hospice over the years on both a personal level and through raising more funds for them. More information is available at

Waterlooville Boxing Club

We presented very much needed new equipment to Waterlooville boxing club. This was a club set up by George MacKenzie to teach youngsters from deprived areas in South Hampshire self discipline and improve their self confidence. We were very impressed with the protection that he takes over the youngsters in his care.

Because he is an established club, the local Council will not provide any support.

As a consequence he has heavily invested not only his time but also his own money in supporting and running the club. He is clearly very successful at what he does as one of his charges was a gold medal winner in Copenhagen. The photo on the above, taken at the presentation of the equipment, shows a youngster under tuition. 

Other UK Projects

We have also supported the following organisations:

Naomi House

A hospice for young children

Home Start

A charity supporting families

The Jubilee Sailing Trust

A charity that runs sailing adventure trips for the underprivileged or disabled people of all ages.


An organisation of local doctors who goe to acciednts and proved essential medical treatment of crash victims during the “Golden Hour” necessary for their survival – they save lives!

Hampshire Air Ambulance Service

Another organisation that is increasingly necessary to save the lives of the seriously ill and victims of accidents.

Not only but also

Very many more smaller projects, too numerous to list, where we have given small donations to others to achieve their ambitions or to help them when they are in need.

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