Is everyone old in Rotary -NO!

There is a perception that everyone involved with Rotary is getting on a bit, part of the grey haired brigade and retired! This is just not true!

I accept that looking at the picture of Waterlooville Rotary Club you could be forgiven for thinking that, but Rotary is for business and professional people of all ages who are still active and want to help their community.

There are lots of calls on people people with families to do things that take up all their spare time.  Children have to be taken to various activities, classes, entertainment etc. and therefore the desire to be in a service club may just have to be on the back burner for a while.

But out there now I expect that there are many parents who have just delivered their offspring to university or who have left home to start work for the first time and are maybe feeling the need to fill the space in the empty nest.  This is your opportunity to get involved and so I would ask you to consider looking at joining your local Rotary Club and helping make a difference in the local community as well as on special projects abroad.

Just think, you could be standing outside a supermarket dressed as a gnome at Christmas fundraising so that a young person can go on a voluntary work experience trip to a third world country or helping a local Guide Group with their new facilities! It might even be your own son or daughter that benefits.  Think about it!

Waterlooville Rotary Club meets on a Tuesday evening and is waiting to hear from YOU!

About mikew

Retired from Royal Navy after 30 years before becoming a Resource (and later Deployment) Manager with DERA (now QinetiQ) and now retired for the second time! Interests include being a volunteer at the Kings Theatre Portsmouth (recently retired as Trustee Director). Church Warden at Holy Trinity Blendworth. Secretary of our Rotary Club's Community Service, Vocational and Youth Committee for 2012-14. Currently the Club's Secretary.


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